Our Vision

Jesus said: “I have come that people may have and enjoy life and have it in abundance to the full, till it overflows.” John 10:10

“LIFE at St Luke’s” – Our vision is for St Luke’s to be a place of life for all who come to our church and to be a source of life for our local community.

L – Loving God and Others
I – Inviting
F – Following Jesus Together
E – Economy

Loving God and Others; Having Love for God and Love for Our Neighbour as our foundation; Providing activities and services that show love to all, in particular the most vulnerable in our community

Inviting people to encounter Jesus – having conversations with those around us about our faith, praying for people (when they are open), inviting people to church; Offering a welcoming space and activities for the community.

Following Jesus Together – Building a culture of generosity where everyone has a place, with everyone enabled to be involved in the life of St Luke’s. Helping people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to grow as followers of Jesus

Economy – Using the resources God has given us wisely – our building, finances, people, skills. Playing a part in seeking the peace, prosperity and welfare of Downham, including social enterprises which raise funds for community work and generate wealth/opportunities for the community.