St Luke’s Service – Remembrance Sunday 8th November

As we are back in lock-down we are all returning to Church at Home, with our YouTube service for Remembrance Sunday 8th November at the above link.

If you would like the 2 minute silence to occur at 11am, start watching the service at 10:20am.

This service includes reflections from a serving Royal Navy Chaplain currently in the Gulf; an Act of Remembrance and 2 minute silence from the Royal Commando Training Centre; and reflection from Lucie on the contributions made by some of the nations represented in our church congregations.

Please note that due to a technical fault Lucie’s reflection and the Act of Remembrance are lower volume so you will need to turn up the volume or use headphones.

At 11:05am (to allow for the Act of Remembrance) we will have our Zoom Chat and Prayer – for details of how to join please contact Rev. Nick on 07774516204 or

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